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  • Horse Care Transport

    Horse Care Transport »

    Provides a purpose-built ambulance services for horses, regularly covering many point-to-points and other horse events especially in the South of England.

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    NADIS »

    The National Animal Disease Information Service is a network of 60 veterinary practices and 6 veterinary colleges monitoring the health of cattle, sheep and pigs in the UK.

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  • Royal Society of Medicine

    Royal Society of Medicine »

    "The Royal Society of Medicine is an independent, apolitical organisation that aims to provide a broad range of educational activities for doctors, dentists, and veterinary surgeons, including students of these disciplines; and allied health

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  • Careers Research and Advisory Centre

    Careers Research and Advisory Centre »

    Provides information and advice on further education and lifelong career development.

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  • Pure Training and Consultancy

    Pure Training and Consultancy »

    Food Consultancy service together with tailored, in-house or open courses in food hygiene, nutrition, health, hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), and environment health training. Includes profile, information on courses and services,

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