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  • Education For Health

    Education For Health »

    "Provides professional health training in cardiovascular disease, allergic conditions, diabetes and respiratory health; programmes accredited by the Open University. Offers prospectus, and details of appliation and funding."

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  • MasterClass Plus

    MasterClass Plus »

    "Offers a range of distance learning courses for nurses, midwives, health visitors, and other health care workers in the UK; information about classes currently available, registration, and fees."

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  • Research and Development Learning

    Research and Development Learning »

    A database of health-related training opportunities nationwide, including degrees (taught and research), short courses, workshops and conferences.

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  • K Update

    K Update »

    Providers of clinical training courses for nurses and allied health professionals, and suppliers of medical books and medical equipment.

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  • NMAS (Nursing and Midwifery Admissions Service)

    NMAS (Nursing and Midwifery Admissions Service) »

    The UK central organisation which accepts and processes applications to Nursing and Midwifery diploma courses. Includes course directory, institution listing, and information about application process.

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  • Training

    Training »

    Offer teaching and training programmes to all members of the dental profession. Specialising in implantology.

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