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  • The British Council

    The British Council »

    "Organises worldwide programmes of cultural, educational and artistic exchange; also support an international network teaching English. Corporate information about the organisation, its activities and history."

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  • Alliance Francaise

    Alliance Francaise »

    Aims to widen access to French language and culture and the UK. List of teaching centres and clubs, special events, trips to France and contacts. [London and nationwide]

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  • Instituto Cervantes London

    Instituto Cervantes London »

    Offers Spanish language courses and a complementary programme of cultural events. Details of schedule and contact information. [London and nationwide]

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  • The Hellenic Centre

    The Hellenic Centre »

    Provides a focus for the Hellenic community and promotes an awareness of Hellenic culture in the UK. Details of their language classes, cultural events, resources and location. [London]

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  • Hungarian Cultural Centre

    Hungarian Cultural Centre »

    "An envoy of Hungarian culture, art and social sciences; information about their events dairy, language teaching, seminars, and exchange programme. [London]"

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  • The Nehru Centre

    The Nehru Centre »

    The cultural wing of the High Commission of India aims to foster a continuous, varied and meaningful dialogue between India and Britain. Information about their schedule of events and location. [London]

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  • Italian Cultural Institute in London

    Italian Cultural Institute in London »

    "Supports the teaching of Italian, provides language courses, and organises a programme of artistic and cultural activities; details of schedule and location. [London]"

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  • Africa Centre

    Africa Centre »

    "An independent charity developed to create greater awareness among British and other European people about developments in Africa and its diaspora; information about their programme of events, resources, membership, and contact details. [Lo

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  • Egyptian Cultural Centre and Educational Bureau

    Egyptian Cultural Centre and Educational Bureau »

    "Develops links, educational exchanges, and programmes to increase cultural awareness between the UK and Egypt; information about their events, services and contact details. [London]"

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  • Romanian Cultural Centre

    Romanian Cultural Centre »

    An independent association, promoting Romanian cultural programs and acting as the focus for the Romanian community in Britain. Includes details about scholarships, projects, events, and publications. [London]

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  • Institut Francais du Royaume Uni

    Institut Francais du Royaume Uni »

    "The official French government centre of language and culture; offers language teaching courses and support, a cultural programme (including a cinema), and resources. Programme and contact details. [London]"

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  • Czech Centre London

    Czech Centre London »

    "Promotes the Czech Republic in the UK by organising cultural events and discussion programmes; information about their services, resources and events schedule. [London]"

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  • Japan Foundation

    Japan Foundation »

    "Japan??�??��??��s principal agent for cultural relations between Japan and overseas countries; information about their programmes to support Japanese studies, arts and culture, and language teaching. [London]"

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  • The Danish Cultural Institute

    The Danish Cultural Institute »

    Promotes dissemination of information on Denmark and international cultural exchange. Information about their projects, language learning, and contacts. [Edinburgh]

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  • Canning House

    Canning House »

    Headquarters of the Hispanic and Luso Brazilian Council, founded to stimulate understanding between Britain, Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Information about activities and events, resources, and contact details. [London]

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